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DataProm is an AI based innovative content personalization and recommending engine for online-stores called to make online shopping more pleasant to customer and brings new benefits to retailer.

We know everything about what your customer prefer!


Glossy world of bright ideas and strict rules. Each collection created as a complete form of designer’s talent. Each item has its own mood and designer`s vision. Nowadays it is a usual thing to come into concept store and ask professional stylist to create a Total Look for you personally. But what about online Luxury stores where customer decides what to buy just by a little photo of item, where you can't cover all requests by human resources, where you can`t bring your care to the guest? Just a blind choice? And as a result you have huge overstocks in case of selling items from complete collections by pieces, tons of returns and low conversion from visitor to buyer, low trust to your store.

DataProm Fashion is a first team who created solution which allows to bring key selling techniques from offline concept stores to online. We sell apparel by Total Looks! Our solution brings each customer a personal recommendation based on major fashion principles of brand mixing, collections, style, silhouette and color matching and makes browsing and searching process fun and simple.

In real time. Without human.

Creative names which say about nothing, spending time on reading descriptions, how to combine fragrances? Many questions and one answer. Or your customer spends a lot of time on browsing and studying materials, or goes to offline store to try and imagine what it is about. You can ask your customer to fill a form with personal preferences. But what if customer’s interests are changing?

Our specially designed for selling perfumery online personalization algorithm knows everything about your customer, detects interests changing in real time and matches fragrances just like a human expert.

And as result of complicated cooperation of our developers and great experienced human experts DataProm creates ideal personalized recommendations for esthetes.

So many areas, so many specified preferences, so many items every fisherman, hunter, tourist or athlete needs in every trip or training.

Usual marketing tools see no difference between this close areas, every marketing company brings colossal costs to your store.

Thanks to DataProms clients base clustering algorithms and specially designed recommendations engine every athlete receives promos he is interested in only. As a result you get higher conversion from your advertisements, higher conversion from visitor to buyer, marketing becomes less expensive.

Show your customers your care of their interests and grow your sales!

Remember, when you have tried to buy smartphone online? Remember those disgusting emails? You thought: “Leave me please! I`ve already bought this phone! I don`t need the same one!”

DataProm matches every item in your stores catalogue due to compatibility to each other and to users history of enjoying your store. Our machine brings you an opportunity to build cross and up sales processes based on customers behaviors and experience.

We are just bringing your customers your best offers to grocery and households they used to and could be interested in. But we know who is who and will deliver veggies recommendations to vegetarians or no sugar delights to diabetics.

Our system determines buying trends, behavoir patterns and motives which you do not even think of. It will help your site to know your clients and always make them right offer.

Big Data is a powerful technology to study customer behavior. It is us who implement most up-to-date cloud solutions and because of that you have access to the best of Big Data arsenal for reasonable money.

Besides you won't spend a moment on integration, we shall do it for you and it won't take longer than 15 minutes.

How it works

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“Smart” analysis of customer behavior and goods of e-shop

Getting of goods recommendations

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Small shop

  • Up to 250 orders / month
  • Up to 5,000 items
  • Up to 25 000 visitors / month
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Priority support
  • 8 kinds of recommendations
  • server API

Medium shop

  • Up to 500 orders / month.
  • Up to 15,000 items
  • Up to 50 000 visitors / month
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Priority support
  • 8 kinds of recommendations
  • server API

Big shop

  • From 500 orders / month
  • From 15,000 items in the database
  • From 50 000 visitors / month.
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Priority support
  • 8 kinds of recommendations
  • server API

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